7 Awesome Types of Man Cave Decor

7 Awesome Types of Man Cave Decor

When you think of a well made man cave, you probably think of having five televisions or an incredible seating arrangement. Those things are not only important but at the core of a man cave set up. However, what really makes a man cave come together is the decorations. Take the sports memorabilia off the walls and you just have a living room. What actually builds the atmosphere of a themed man cave is the decorations.

The decorations allow the person behind the man cave to put his personality into the project. Man cave decor takes a room from a solid space to watch the game and makes it the spot to be on game day. If you have some of the man cave decor from this list, your home will be the place all of your friends will want to go to watch the next big game.


We are passionate sports fans at Improve Your Gameday. With that in mind, a lot of these ideas are going to be specific to sports-themed man caves. Jerseys are one of my favorite ideas for man cave decor. A framed jersey looks phenomenal in a sports-themed man cave. If you can build up a wall of them over time, it will look even better.

The reason I have jerseys so high on my list is because you cannot put up a jersey without showcasing your personality. Putting your favorite players jerseys on the wall tells everyone who enters your man cave a little bit about who you are. For example, if I made a jersey wall with Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, Vince Wilfork, Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, you would certainly know where my allegiance stands in the NFL.

Autographed Gear

This is a massive topic that could include so many different themes. As a sports fan my mind goes towards signed memorabilia. For football, signed balls and helmets are my two favorite options. A row of signed baseball bats would look great along with signed balls and maybe even bobbleheads. My favorite basketball memorabilia is the ball itself, they are the perfect size to showcase in a row. The aforementioned jerseys looks incredible for all sports.

Autographs are certainly not sports specific. A home movie theater could have signed posters from actors or directors. Music could have a plethora of signed items from posters to concert tickets to actual instruments. Imagine a row of signed guitars from your favorite guitarists. Regardless of your interests, I am sure anyone with a man cave would have someone that they would want an autograph from. Man caves are the perfect place to display autographed items.


Framed pictures are a great way to add another element to your man cave decor. For example, I have a large framed picture of 2005 Red Sox Opening Day because the ring ceremony was a massive celebration of a long awaited championship. That was also the start to a Red Sox dynasty that would go on to have major success going forward. For sports fans, having pictures of some of your favorite moments from the teams you root for would look incredible.

Music themed man caves can feature your favorite artists in concert of any other setting. If it is not a themed man cave, some moments with your family or kids playing sports would look great too. No matter what you decide to put up there, it will show off your personality, just like the items above.

Newspaper Clips

Newspaper clips are along the same vein as framed pictures. This is another way to encapsulate some of your favorite moments. For me personally, I would look for some articles after the 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018 World Series for some of the Red Sox biggest moments. I would also look for a draft grade for Tom Brady and possibly a recap of the 28-3 Super Bowl.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are a great way to add an extra dimension to your man cave. I guarantee your buddies will have something to say when they see that you have a personalized neon sign. Nothing screams man cave more than a neon sign. If you have a bar in your man cave, this makes even more sense. If you are interested in adding a bar but need ideas or information, check out our article on the subject: 6 Man Cave Bar Ideas (And How to Make Them). Bar or not, a neon sign is an eye catching decoration that would be a welcome addition to your man cave.

ADVPRO Personalized Name Custom Man Cave Home Bar Est. Year (4.8 Stars)

ADVPRO makes awesome signs at a very affordable price. I highly recommend looking at them first, even if you do not want this particular sign. You can customize the sign without even having to leave Amazon. It takes just a few clicks once you have decided to purchase the neon sign. They have three different sign sizes and 13 different color combinations. ADVPRO neon signs produce very little heat and are completely safe to touch at all times.

Mini Basketball Hoop

This one may be a little out of nowhere, but it is a great idea for a man cave. Mini basketball hoops are a decoration that actually improves the functionality of a man cave. You can shoot around by yourself or get the whole family involved. You can have contests with your friends on game day, and even place some bets against each other. There are two mini basketball hoops I would recommend.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop XL (4.5 Stars)

SKLZ has Amazon’s Choice for mini basketball hoops. This particular product is a little bigger than the standard version. The XL is 23 inches wide by 16 inches high, a perfect size for some man cave basketball. In a well lit man cave this would be my preferred choice for a mini basketball hoop.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop – Glow in the Dark (4.5 Stars)

If you like to keep the lights dim at night or want to add an extra dimension to your man cave, I suggest this glow in the dark mini hoop. Both hoops are part of the same series, this one just has a twist. This SKLZ product would look great if you pair it with the neon sign. This mini basketball hoop would also be perfect for an arcade theme, adding to the colorful design.

Dart Board

I’ve written about dart boards as the ultimate man cave accessory. This is a product that will never be as important as the television or the couch, but a quality dart board can certainly improve a man cave. This is another example of a decoration with actual functionality.

Viper Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set with Staple-Free Bullseye (4.3 Stars)

A dart board is a popular addition to any man cave. This is a simple game that is fun to play indoors. You can play during the game without missing any action. Dartboards add to the atmosphere and usage of a man cave. The Viper Shot King is a regulation size dartboard, perfect for anyone that takes these tournaments seriously. The package comes with six steel tip darts.

“The Best Man Cave Furniture on Amazon (by Price Range)”

Wrap Up

As I said before, a man cave without decorations is just a living room. Man cave decor is what defines the room. The theme of a man cave is exhibited on the walls — not the couch or television. While you can watch a game comfortably with blank walls, you will not have the man cave that blows away your friend group. You also will not be able to show your personality without placing your favorite jerseys or posters on the wall.

If you found this article, it is likely because you are searching for some man cave decorations. I hope I was able to spark an idea that will help solve your problem. If you are still struggling or want more useful information, check out our man cave page!

Scott Neville

Scott covers the MLB and NFL on wtfsports.org and is a co-founder of Improve Your Gameday.

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