Cheap Man Cave Ideas

Cheap Man Cave Ideas

After a while, your man cave can get a little boring. It may be time to switch things up a little bit. Small changes or additions can make a big difference in your man cave. These do not have to be expensive changes either. Some of the better man cave ideas can actually be fairly cheap. These are not going to be big changes that will completely revamp your space. Rather, they will be small things that will aesthetically change your area. For me at least, making small changes like this helps keep things fresh.

Whether you are looking for some cool low-cost ideas for your new man cave or some cheap changes you can make to freshen up your space, I will go over some cheap ideas for your man cave as well as a few specific products you might like. If you are looking to make some big changes to your man cave, check out our article on Best Cave Furniture Available on Amazon.

Vintage Signs

Adding a vintage sign is a great (and inexpensive) way to add to your space. One thing I like about vintage signs is that you can usually find one to fit whatever aesthetic you are going for. For example, if your man cave is more of a home theater, you can easily find some vintage movie posters. If your man cave is like a car garage, you can easily find vintage car posters. You can really do a lot with vintage posters.

You can also find these posters at really good prices. If you are looking for a specific one you can probably find it online fairly easily or at least something similar to it. I enjoy shopping for them in person though. You can often find small antique stores near you that have great finds. You might even find some antiques other than posters there that you like. I like going to these stores because you can always find things that you would have never thought to add before.

Street vendors in large cities actually sell awesome vintage posters too. One of the cooler collections of vintage posters I had seen was when I visited Central Park in New York City. There was a vendor out there with literally hundreds of vintage signs. It was almost impossible not to find one that you would have liked. I highly recommend going to antique stores every once in a while because you will find things that you would never even think to add to your space.

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Hollow Tin Sign

Cheap Man Cave Ideas

This sign could be a good addition for anyone who has a bar in their man cave. It will give your space some old school bar vibes and just change things up a little bit. It does not have to be a Jack Daniels sign either. Substitute your drink of choice and put the sign up behind the bar. Light up bar signs can be another neat addition if you are looking to spend a little more money. Signs like the one above can typically be found for around $10, making them a very cheap addition to add to your man cave. You can even add a few of them if you like, without breaking the bank.

Area Rugs

Especially for people without carpet flooring in their man cave, adding an area rug might be something you want to consider. It is a small addition but I think it makes your space feel more comfortable. Changing the flooring up can make a huge difference in your man cave. Obviously, changing the flooring in the entire space is going to expensive, but adding an area rug in a space you use a lot could be an inexpensive alternative to change things up a bit.

Go with whatever you like best here, but I think shag carpet area rugs are the best to add to your space. Shag carpeting is soft and fairly durable. It is also really easy to keep clean. Adding an area rug is good if you have a half-finished basement and still have concrete flooring. The floors of your space are going to be hard and cold so adding an area rug will give it a more “homey” feel.

Modern Plush Cloud Gray Area Rug

Cheap Man Cave Ideas

An area rug like this is perfect for any man cave that does not have carpeting. It is really soft and will cover a large enough area of the room. It is also a neutral color so it will not really stand out but it will make your space much more comfortable. You could place this rug under a couch/chair/futon or whatever you have so your feet are not always on cold concrete. If shag carpeting isn’t your thing go with what you prefer. I would try to keep it a neutral color so it kind of just blends in with everything else.

New Lighting

It can be a little more expensive than the other cheap man cave ideas, but new lighting can be a huge change to your man cave. It might sound expensive but you can add new lighting that doesn’t require any installation and can really change up the aesthetics of your space. LED lighting has gotten really popular lately because you can change the light color at the change of a button to change the mood in the room.

Smart lighting is another great option for your man cave. Instead of having new lighting installed by an electrician and paying a premium for it, you can buy smart light bulbs that you can set up yourself. It is basically lighting that connects to an app that you can control on your smart phone. There is also LED Smart Lighting that can connect to your Google Home or Alexa so you can have voice-controlled lighting. New lighting will make a huge difference to your man cave and is cheaper than you might think!

Govee Smart WiFi LED Strip Lights

Cheap Man Cave Ideas

These LED strip lights could make a great addition to your man cave. Strip lights are really easy to set up. All you have to do is peel the back off and apply them to the wall. They are also really versatile because you can use them in a lot of different spaces. You can put them on top of the walls to provide all around lighting or you can put them behind your TV/entertainment center.

These lights are also compatible with Alexa so you can change the lights without having to get off the couch. You will want to make sure to measure the area where you are going to put these lights before buying to make sure that you buy enough lights to cover the space. If you’re looking for lighting to cover your entire man cave, you may need to buy a few strips to cover everything.

Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia can either be the cheapest or most expensive of all the cheap man cave ideas. If your man cave is a place where you watch your favorite teams play or is a sports-themed area, you can easily find some cheap sports memorabilia to add to your space. If you played sports in college or high school you could throw up your own jersey if it has some sentimental value. It could add a nice personal touch to your man cave.

Some other ideas for sports memorabilia could be a pennant flag or your favorite players’ jerseys. There is really a ton you could do for sports memorabilia. Obviously you could spend a lot of money on an autographed framed photo, but you definitely do not need to.

Riddell NFL New England Patriots Speed Mini Football Helmet

Cheap Man Cave Ideas

You can find mini football helmets like these for whichever team you supports. They are fairly inexpensive and a nice little addition your game day spot.

If football isn’t your thing, you can easily find something similar for a different sport. For example, you could get a basketball with your favorite team’s logo on it. Both are inexpensive and unique sports memorabilia ideas to add to your man cave.

I hope these four cheap man cave ideas helped you out. If you are looking to make some small changes to your space, give one of them a shot. For more tips on improving your man cave, check out our section on man caves!

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