How to Design a Golf Man Cave

How to Design a Golf Man Cave

How do you design a golf man cave? Designing a golf man cave can be drawn up in just a few steps. The first step is to furnish the man cave. From there you have to decide if you want to put golf activities in the man cave and then finally put up memorabilia.

Golf man caves have blown me away recently. I made a mini-series of how to design specific sports man caves and planned on only covering the major four sports. Then I wrote “The 15 Best Man Cave Ideas” article and discovered that golfers have been making killer man caves over the years.

Golf man caves are different because you can actually practice a decent amount of the sport from your own home. Golf is an expensive sport by nature, and the best simulation equipment will cost the same as your car. However, there are also extremely affordable alternatives we will get into later.

Before we jump into the reasonable man cave options, I do want to mention one ridiculous product. If you have the money, this golf simulator will take your man cave to another level. I could never justify the purchase, but if I was rolling in money I would certainly give this product a shot. I am not affiliated with Foresight Sports in any way, I just really love the idea of golfing inside during the winter.

As I alluded to earlier, this article is a part of a now extended series. If you would like to see my recommendations for some other major sports, check out the links below. If you are not totally committed to a golf man cave, these articles might help solidify your decision.


Most of the golf man caves I have seen have plenty of space with an impressive seating arrangement to go along with high quality televisions. If you have the budget and space, I recommend using the featured image above as an example of how to build a man cave. If not for the pillar obstructing the view of the screen, that man cave would be just about perfect.

I am a huge fan of the bigger couches as they add value to the man cave as a whole. The seating arrangement is a huge part of any man cave or living room. You are going to be watching a lot of TV (primarily golf in this case) so having a quality viewing experience should be at the forefront of priorities.

Now not everybody has the space or budget to replicate this masterpiece. That does not mean that you cannot create a golf man cave. I have a complete man cave furniture guide broken down by price range to fit your budget and needs. I also clearly state the criteria I used to create this list. Size and price were both major factors. If you would like to see this list and see some of my favorite pieces of furniture out there, click the link below.

Putting Green

As I mentioned earlier, this is the one themed man cave where you can actually get some practice in for your sport. There are some affordable putting greens you can easily place right in your man cave. These items are phenomenal additions for a few reasons. Adding a putting green makes the man cave look even better because it works as a perfect decoration. Plus this is what I call a functional decoration. Not only does it add to the design, it also has a function. Items like pool tables and dart boards are other popular decorations that make a man cave look cooler and add things to do in the room.

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (4.6 Stars)

The Putt-A-Bout Putting Green is an extremely popular item on Amazon. Not only does the product have 4.6 Stars with over 3,000 ratings, it was also named Amazon’s Choice for “putting greens.” A lot of companies make indoor putting greens, Amazon chose this one.

This product is 9-feet by 3-feet and can be rolled right onto the floor. The product even has cutouts for the back of the green so the ball does not leave the surface when you miss. This is a product that would add to the design of your golf man cave and is extremely affordable. The best part is that you will get to work on at least one part of your game year round.

BOBURN Golf Putting Green (4.3 Stars)

This BOBURN putting green is also on my list for a few reasons. The green itself looks a little better in my opinion. This green looks a lot better in a man cave than the Putt-A-Bout green. The mat is perfectly rectangular and ranges from 2.5 to 5 feet in width and is always 10 feet long. This item comes in four different sizes with prices adjusted accordingly.

I also like how this putting green has a more realistic feel. The artificial surface has the feel of 10 mm of grass. The green even has a 35 mm apron to get used to some adversity and enhancing the design. The first option is more of a green rug than an actual green. This putting green will give you a better feel, though it should not make much of a difference either way.

Golf Memorabilia

Golf memorabilia is not as prevalent as the other sports memorabilia I have covered to this point. A lot of golf man caves feature memorabilia from other sports, mainly football in my findings. There are less go-to options in golf than most sports, so I will only mention a couple of items.

Framed Pictures

Tiger Woods Autographed "Exultation" 20 x 16

Framed pictures have been a top choice of mine for sports memorabilia. If you want to take these pictures up a notch, go for a signed picture. Having your favorite golfers on your walls will bring you joy and show your friends who you root for. You can also find framed photos of your favorite golf moments. This type of memorabilia is extremely simple but will look great in your golf man cave.

Signed Cleats

Tiger Woods Autographed Nike Air Zoom TW71 Golf Shoes

Signed cleats are a creative memorabilia choice in any sport. Signed golf balls are so small that you will need a dozen to make anything worth looking at. For that reason, autographed cleats are a better option. These Tiger Woods’ signed cleats will look great in a man cave.

Wrap Up + Bonus Tips

Once you have a furnished man cave with some memorabilia and golf decorations, you have successfully built a man cave! If you want to expand further, I suggest building a bar. Man cave bars are growing in popularity and will certainly impress your friends.

I hope I helped get your mind working as you plan out your man cave design. If you liked this article, check out our man cave page!

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