How to Design a Hockey Man Cave

How to Design a Hockey Man Cave

How do you design a hockey man cave? The first thing you need to decide is if you want to represent your team or the stars of the NHL. From there you are going to want to invest in some furniture based on your budget. The final step is to put some hockey memorabilia around the man cave to build the atmosphere.

Building a hockey man cave sounds like a great time. The NHL might not be as big as the NFL as far as popularity, but the fans are just as loyal. In fact, hockey fans are arguably the most intense fan base in all of sports. One of the best ways to show off that fandom is to build a hockey man cave. This article will include everything you need to know about building a hockey- themed man cave.

If you are still deciding on which sport to enshrine in your man cave, check out the rest of the series. This is the fourth major sport covered on this site. Even if you know you want a hockey man cave, the other articles have helpful tips you could apply to a hockey man cave.


I have spent the whole series stressing the importance of furniture in a man cave. The primary use of most man caves is to watch sports. If you do not have a comfortable viewing experience, nobody is going to enjoy your man cave. Investing in the seating arrangement and the television(s) is going to be the biggest hurdle. Most of your budget should be spent on those two categories. Once those steps are complete, all you need to do is add some accessories and memorabilia.

Instead of giving you some small summary about man cave furniture, I will include my extensive man cave furniture article. It has specific types of furniture you can purchase right now with reviews and all the information you need. I broke the article down by price range which is explained at the beginning of the article. If you do not have all the furniture you want in your man cave, I highly recommend at least skimming through the article. At the very worst the article should inspire you to go after a specific type of couch, recliner or accessory.

Hockey Memorabilia

Hockey is a great sport to find memorabilia for. There have been iconic moments in the the NHL, Olympics and NCAA. The sport itself is also very inducive to creating iconic moments. Whether it is a game-winning shot or save, the memories can be immortalized forever in your man cave. It could be a poster of your favorite team celebrating on the ice or an autographed puck from your favorite player of all time.

Framed Jerseys

Framed jerseys are a great way to make your room look like a man cave. This type of memorabilia is actually my top suggestion for all four sports I have covered so far. Framed jerseys are easy to hang and cover a good amount of space. The bigger the item, the easier it will be to cover the wall without having any interior design skills. Having a row of framed jerseys will cover a wall without having to get heavily involved with the design. All you need to do is hang them evenly apart from each other, and you are all done!

If you have been paying attention you will notice that I have been saying “framed” jerseys. That is because unframed jerseys do not look nearly as good. A lot of people get a nice signed jersey and then proceed to tack it to the wall as it. That does not look nearly as good as a jersey in a quality frame.

Signed Pucks

Autographed pucks are another great way to show off your love of the game. I believe signed pucks should be reserved for your favorite players of all time. A framed picture would make more sense if a player was of a guy that had a great moment for your team, but he was not a longstanding favorite of yours. The shelf with all of your autographed pucks should include the players you respect the most.

Ultra Pro Black Base Puck Holder (4.7 Stars)

If you are going to build a signed puck collection, please do not just lay them flat on a shelf. Ultra Pro has Amazon’s Choice for a hockey puck case and is only $9.57. Appreciate that price because most sports display cases are a lot higher. This case is a simple clear and protective case that holds the puck upright. There is zero need to invest in anything more expensive than this unless you want something engraved.

Signed Hockey Sticks

Autographed hockey sticks are another area of memorabilia to consider. Having a few rows of horizontal hockey sticks would look great on just about any wall. I would absolutely add a few hockey sticks to the wall. I would use this area for my favorite offensive scorers, but themes are not necessary in a man cave. Plus, a goalie stick could look very cool as well.

Noa Store Hockey Stick Display Holder/Hanger (4.4 Stars)

If you are going to hang hockey sticks, I recommend these display holders. This is another example of an inexpensive product with great reviews. There is no need to invest heavily in a display holder for a hockey stick. As I said, a few sticks hung up horizontally can look really nice on the wall.

Signed Helmet

Helmets are a great way to add some size to your memorabilia. If you wanted to go with just signed pucks, you would need dozens to build the hockey atmosphere. Adding bigger decorations gives people more things to look at. Helmets will be an attention grabber and can look great on a shelf. The other benefit of helmets is that you will not need a display case of any kind, making for a cheaper investment. I would add signed helmets to your hockey man cave to add some variety to the room.

Personal Accolades

A lot of people will not want to do this, but adding an area for personal achievements would be a great way to show some personality. This way guests can learn a little about the owner of the man cave, not just their favorite players. There is nothing cocky about throwing your own hockey stick on the wall with a picture or two.

Wrap Up + Bonus Tips

If you have added the items suggested in this article, you have successfully built a hockey man cave. You will need a comfortable and quality viewing experience. You will need the right furniture and television for the job. The second step is to simply make the room into a man cave by adding hockey memorabilia. Once you have done that, you can invite your friends over and show off your awesome man cave.

If you would like to improve upon your design further, I suggest adding a bar to the room. Man cave bars have been growing in popularity recently and will ensure that your guests will be extremely impressed by your home. I wrote an entire article on man cave bars, where I covered multiple sports. The tips in this article and that one will make it really easy for you to build a bar in your man cave. I did not include hockey specifically, but the formula is the same with the two sports I did include.


  • Determine what you want with your man cave. Are you going display one team proudly, or your favorite players around the league?
  • Spend the majority of your budget and decision making on the furniture selection. The game viewing experience is the main reason for a man cave.
  • Once the furniture and television are decided on, focus on memorabilia. Showcase your favorite players and moments of all time.
  • The man cave is established! If you want to expand further, look into adding a bar.

I hope I helped get your mind working as you plan out your man cave design. If you liked this article, check out our man cave page!

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