How to Design a Soccer Man Cave

How to Design a Soccer Man Cave

How do you design a soccer man cave? The first step to designing a soccer man cave is to establish the exact theme. Is your theme going to be soccer as a whole, or based on a Premier League team? From there, you will want to furnish your space and add memorabilia.

Soccer is not a massive sport in the United States, but it is the most popular sport in the world. I typically try to include a certain aspect ratio on my featured images, but I did not want to cut off this great man cave picture. I even left in the free promotion and sponsorship. Soccer man caves are not extremely popular despite the fact that soccer is a massive sport. I would like to see more images of soccer man caves in the coming years.

Originally, the “how to design” series was going to just be a mini-series with the major four sports in the United States. However, once that series concluded, I wrote an article called “The Best 15 Man Cave Ideas.” In that article, I discovered that there were some phenomenal man caves from other popular sports. The two man cave themes that really impressed me were the golf and soccer themes.

Here is a list of all the sports I have covered in this series:

I also wrote an article on “How to Design a Sports Man Cave.” This article covers how to make a general sports man cave, which is my favorite theme. I cannot choose between my top sports, so I want to have memorabilia of my favorite athletes of all time, from football to baseball and more.


Furniture is a massive part of the man cave experience. You cannot enjoy watching a game in a man cave on an uncomfortable seat. The seating arrangement is an important part of your man cave since the primary function of a man cave is to watch games.

Do not go looking for soccer-specific furniture. You are better off finding quality furniture for a living space and creating the soccer environment through memorabilia and decorations. The stadium seating design (in the image above) makes for a great picture, but I certainly would prefer my couch over a plastic seat. You should furnish your man cave based on the size of your space and your budget. Those should be your factors, not your theme.

I already wrote an entire article on the best man cave furniture out there. I found some absolute deals for some great furniture in this article. This article is extensive and covers multiple options for each category. I broke the items down by budget tiers that are explained at the top. For convenience, I also included a table on contents that will bring you directly to the parts you want to read with just one click.


As I mentioned earlier, the primary function of a man cave is to watch games. That quite obviously makes the television an integral part of your soccer man cave. If you are starting from scratch or want an upgrade, I recommend one TV that I am a huge fan of.

50-inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV, 2019 (4.5 Stars)

This Roku TV has been featured multiple times on this site. If you want to read a full breakdown of this television click here. If not, here is a brief summary.

I have owned two of these Roku TV’s and loved them both. This TV comes in five sizes with varying prices. They are all good values for their size and functionality though. This is an especially useful TV is you have video game platforms, streaming services, or enjoy watching YouTube or listening to music. You can set up your TV by putting your favorite apps on your home screen and navigate through them with just a few clicks. This TV has a very high rating at 4.5 stars and is on the Amazon’s Choice list.

Sports Memorabilia

Having a high quality game viewing experience is goal number one. Once that mission is accomplished, it is time to turn this space into a themed man cave. In this case, we want to build a soccer man cave, and I have a few suggestions for you.

Framed Jerseys

I always throw in framed jerseys as a top suggestion for sports man caves. I suggest framed to establish the point that jerseys tacked up to a wall do not look nearly as good. Unfortunately, a lot of people spend hundreds on an autographed jersey and then just tack it to the wall.

Framed jerseys work so well because they are symmetrical and look more valuable and unique in a frame. They do not just tack up historic jerseys in the Hall of Fame for a reason.

There are other ways to hang up a jersey. In my article “The Best 15 Man Cave Ideas,” there is a hockey-themed man cave with jerseys in man made lockers. If you have a creative way to display the jersey, go for it!

Signed Soccer Balls

Autographed balls are always going to make the list for sports man caves. A signed soccer ball is a great way to show off your favorite players of all time. I would suggest collecting a few and making a row of signed ball stands, evenly spread apart. A soccer man cave is not complete without some soccer balls.

BCW Deluxe Acrylic Ball Stand (4.4 Stars)

If you are going to place soccer balls in the man cave, you will want a stand. Stands are just there to display the autographed balls properly. Luckily, you can find these stands for an extremely low price.

This BCW Deluxe Acrylic Ball Stand costs $9.98 by itself. They also have deals if you buy multiple, which you can find on Amazon. The BCW stand is also made to hold footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs. I recommend this product because it will make your soccer man cave better without hurting your budget.

Additional Ideas

There are a lot of other ways to establish the soccer theme in your man cave. Framed pictures are a great way to show off your favorite soccer moments of all time. The featured man cave has some intricate designs that are quite creative. I really appreciate the soccer ceiling lights, team colors on the walls, and a soccer field-styled rug.

Wrap Up + Bonus Tips

I hope this article helped make a sometimes stressful project a little easier. This article is a quality road map to create a soccer man cave. If you furnish the space, install a TV, and add some memorabilia, you have created a soccer-themed man cave. If you still want to expand on your man cave, a bar is a popular next step. The featured image shows off an impressive man cave bar. If you want to build a man cave bar, I wrote another guide that might help.


  • Determine what you want with your man cave. Are you going to display one team proudly, or your favorite players around the league?
  • Spend the majority of your budget and decision making on the furniture selection. The game viewing experience is the main reason for a man cave.
  • If you do not have a high-quality television, check out the Roku TV.
  • Once the furniture and television are decided on, focus on memorabilia.
  • The man cave is established! If you want to expand further, look into adding a bar.

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