How to Design a Sports Man Cave

How to Design a Sports Man Cave

How to Design a Sports Man Cave? Designing a sports man cave is actually quite simple. The most important thing is finding furniture that fits the size of the man cave. From there, add some sports memorabilia and decorations to create the correct atmosphere.

Man caves have grown in popularity and expanded to all different themes over the years. However, sports man caves have always been the top dog and will continue to be. People are starting to make arcade-themed man caves and all types of cool new ideas. No matter how much they put into those new ideas, nothing will trump a classic sports man cave.

Man caves are designed to watch and enjoy sporting events with your friends. Building a sports man cave might seem like a daunting task, but it really is not very complicated. If you have a strong base of furniture and an adequate television, you are on the right track. The rest of the sports man cave just needs memorabilia and decorations that back your theme.

This article will give you advice on how to build an overall sports man cave. If you want advice on how to built a man cave for a specific sport, check out these articles below.


I have stressed this before and I will continue to do so — furniture is a huge part of your man cave. I’ve written a lot of articles on the topic of man caves. I always stress that there are two places to spend the majority of your budget — the seating arrangement and the television. These two factors are massively important because at the end of the day, a sports man cave is made to watch sporting events. To have a quality and comfortable viewing experience, you need to be sitting comfortably and watching a high quality picture.

My job is to load these articles with as much information as possible. You looked up sports man caves, and I need to give you as much information as I can. Instead of giving you some quick summary on the best furniture, here is arguably the best piece of content I have. This article covers all the best man cave furniture that can be delivered right to your house. I broke the article down by budget and included as many options that fit the criteria provided. If you do need furniture for your man cave, I highly suggest checking out this (4,000 word) article with a table of contents to send you directly where you want to go. At least skim the article and read the information about the items that stick out to you.


I just stated in the furniture section that there are two areas to invest in to really improve a man cave. The couch is one area, a high quality television is the other. In one of my most recent articles I only have one suggestion for a TV if you do not have a quality option lying around. The Roku is by far my favorite option because of the combination of high quality and a very affordable price.

Just a few years ago a nice 4K TV sat between $4,000-$6,000. Roku is not hiking up the price so they can appeal to the average consumer. Trust me, they make a killing come late summer when college kids need affordable items to add to their dorm/apartment.

50-inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV, 2019 (4.5 Stars)

The 50-inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV is one the best values on the market. I chose to use the 50-inch TV as an example, but the link provided will take you to all five sizes on Amazon. I have a Roku television right now, and I am really happy with my purchase. In fact, the Roku was so affordable that my college roommate and I were able to each get one and put them together. We would throw on a game on one TV, and NFL Sunday Ticket on the other. Despite having a $250 couch and practically no room, we were able to have some great game days.

How to Build an Apartment Man Cave
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If you are interested in the TV but want some more information, check out my article linked in the quote. I did a full review on the TV with a data table of criteria.


Memorabilia is what separates a sports man cave from a living room. What you choose to add to the walls will define the theme of the man cave. While the furniture will be the most important for having a good time, the memorabilia on the walls will be the talk of the man cave. If you want your friends to be as fired up as you are over your man cave, you need some awesome sports memorabilia to draw them in.

Framed Jerseys

At this point I have probably suggested this idea ten times on this site. Any sports-related man caves or home bars should include at least one framed jersey. Everyone has that player that you put on a pedestal, probably because they prove to be superior to the human race over and over again.

A lot of you will think of Michael Jordan or Lebron James here. For me, Tom Brady is a man who appeared to be a superhero during his entire Patriots run. As a sports fan from Massachusetts, I will gladly hang his jersey on my wall. Patrick Mahomes is proving to be that guy in Kansas City, Lamar Jackson might not be far behind.

Whoever you would like to honor on your wall, this type of memorabilia looks incredible. If you are going to hang up a jersey, please do not just tack it to a wall. Get a good frame and do it the right way. The frame will make the memorabilia look WAY better and make it easier for you to design something worth looking at. Putting up a row of framed jerseys of your favorite players evenly spaced from each other will look incredible, topping my list of sports memorabilia.

Framed Picture

Framed Pictures are another great piece of memorabilia to cover your walls. Having larger items with symmetrical shapes like squares and rectangles make it really easy to design something without any interior design skill required. It also makes it cheaper to build the man cave because you will not need as many pieces of memorabilia if each one takes up a chunk of the wall.

I like to use pictures to celebrate big moments from my favorite teams. As a Boston sports fan, the Malcolm Butler interception comes to mind. David Ortiz’s famous grand slam in the 2013 ALCS with the cop raising his arms is another. Regardless of who you support, there are moments that are worth saving in your man cave forever.

Signed Memorabilia

I wrote a lot about what autographed memorabilia fit each sport in the other sports man cave articles. Having a general sports man cave means you get to mix and match memorabilia. You can have a shelf of signed basketballs below a row of football helmets. Mixing sports memorabilia together is a great way to create a wall of epic sports players and moments. I believe a sports man cave is not complete without some signed memorabilia.

Personal Accolades

Adding your own personal accolades to your man cave might sound cocky. However, saving some space on the wall for your high school jersey(s) or some pictures is a cool way to add a personal touch to your man cave.

My favorite idea if you have children is to make a family tree starting with you playing a sport and then leading to some action shots of your kids playing sports. If you are younger you could even start with your parent or even earlier and put yourself at the end of the tree. That way it becomes a family possession instead of you trying to show off your high school stats.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are another really cool idea for a sports man cave. If you are watching a lot of prime time or late night games, neon signs are a great item for your man cave. If you have a man cave bar, a neon sign is almost a must. Regardless, having a creative neon sign can really make the room stand out.

LDGJ Neon Patriots Team Logo (4.6 Stars)

This sign by LDGJ is my favorite neon sign for a sports man cave. The company makes signs for all types of sports teams, colleges, states, and much more. I love this Patriots sign and would love to add all four major sports logos to my wall. Doing so with neon signs will certainly grab everyone’s attention. I looked at a lot of the NFL logo neon signs by LDGJ, and they all seemed to come out as well as this one. They are also highly rated on Amazon.

If you want to look at all of my man cave signs suggestions, check out our article on the topic!

Wrap Up

Once you have the furniture, TV, and sports memorabilia, you have successfully built a sports man cave. If you are still looking to make additions to your man cave, we have the next step. A natural man cave progression would be to add a bar. Man cave bars are growing in popularity and make the room look incredible while adding functionality. If you are interested in adding a bar to your man cave, check out my extensive article on how to do so. I covered two sports specifically, a bunch of my favorite themes and my top products for enhancing a man cave bar.

If you want more information or ideas, check out our man cave page!

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