How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket For FREE

How to Watch NFL Sunday Ticket For FREE

How do I watch NFL Sunday Ticket for Free? There are a few websites that are made specifically to stream NFL Sunday Ticket to the fans for free. You can watch all the Sunday Ticket games and services for free on these sites.

NFL Sunday Ticket is one of the best services in the sports industry. You get all of the out-of-market games as well as some really cool features specific to NFL Sunday Ticket.

RED ZONE: My favorite feature of the service is the RED ZONE Channel. The channel is made to show all the scoring action. First they look for a team that is in a position to score and throw you right into the mix. If multiple teams are in an important point in the game, they split the screen and show both of them. If there is a break in the action, they fill it by showing the best highlights around the league at the time. I enjoy watching RED ZONE on one TV/Device and putting a full game on the main TV.

FANTASY ZONE: This feature is a spin-off of RED ZONE. They realized a lot of the viewers for the RED ZONE Channel were there to keep themselves updated in Fantasy Football. So, DIRECTV decided to add a channel specifically devoted to Fantasy Football. I personally prefer watching RED ZONE to follow both Fantasy Football and the latest updates around the league.

NFL Sunday Ticket has additional features as well, such as playing multiple games on one screen (like a broadcast booth), and the Player Tracker feature for Fantasy Football.

Why You Need To Watch For Free

Everyone likes to save some money, but this not just about cheating the system. DIRECTV has an exclusive deal with the NFL, and they are abusing that deal. This service is exclusive and too expensive. If you do not have DIRECTV, you are most likely not even eligible for the service.

You are eligible to get NFL Sunday Ticket if you:

  • Own a DIRECTV package that includes the service.
  • Live in a multi-dwelling unit that is not serviced by DIRECTV.
  • Are enrolled in a U.S. College or University.
  • Live somewhere that is unable to receive DIRECTV satellite service.
  • Live in select areas within various metropolitan cities.

That is not a large group of people eligible for this service. If you are not in college, your chances of being eligible plummet. On top of that, even people who are eligible must have financial flexibility.

Prices as of writing this article:

  • Regular NFL Sunday Ticket Package Cost – $73.49 per month
    • Regular Package Does NOT Include RED ZONE or FANTASY ZONE
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Max Package Cost – $99.00 per month
  • College Price of NFL Sunday Ticket – $24.99 per month
    • College Edition DOES Include All Features
    • Must Use Your College Email Address

As you can see, even if you are eligible, the prices are not affordable for the average football fan. College students get a real discount, but even that price can be tough for a full-time college student.


Football fans are a passionate group that like to stick together. They also want as much football content as possible and are willing to help others receive access to this awesome football service. Once people realized how inaccessible NFL Sunday Ticket was, they banded together. This group started on Reddit, originally as r/NFLstreams.

One of my new college roommates showed me this unbelievable forum that included free links to every part of NFL Sunday Ticket last season. You did not need to sign up for anything, give an email or do anything of that nature. Unfortunately, the NFL and DIRECTV started to catch on to the Reddit and it has now been disbanded. However, the community was one step ahead, and already created a site for this community to share free streams just like they did on Reddit.

Watch NFL Sunday Ticket For Free

Now 99% of the people looking for this content just want the link to watch NFL Sunday Ticket for Free. The website is:

What Can You Watch?

This website will allow you to do just about everything that NFL Sunday Ticket provides.

  • You can watch every single game being played at the moment.
  • They have both RED ZONE Channels (there are two hosts).
  • There is a tab for live scoring updates.

The only difference between this site and the actual service is the interface. You have to click specific links to each game instead of flipping through with a remote. You obviously do not have access to change the stream so you cannot switch to multiple screens or use the Player Tracker feature.

That said, the viewing experience is the same, and the features that make the service so expensive are able to be viewed for free. They are even working to expand into NCAA streams to provide even more free football content.

How The Site Works

The way the site works is pretty simple. People that stream the games from the community place the links to every individual match-up in the “NFL LIVE STREAM” tab. If you want to watch RED ZONE, there are two tabs for that as well (one for each host). All you have to do is switch tabs and click the link provided. From there all you have to do is press play and enjoy the game.

Secondary Streaming Service

I did some additional research to see if there are any other ways to watch NFL Sunday Ticket for free. I found a service that looks very similar to NFL Bites. This new service is run by the people who created r/cfbstreams, another group of football loving fans that were removed from Reddit. This site is primarily for college football but includes the NFL as well as some other sports. The site is called Sportsurge.

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